What we do:

After three years of intensive training and labor with the University of Louisville Men's Soccer team, and a climatic run to the 2010 NCAA Division I College Cup in Santa Barbara, CA, Caleb White is now bringing his videography skills and expertise to the public for youth and high school soccer.

If you have a tournament you are trying to promote or a team that desperately needs recognition, or even a player looking to advertise their upward potential - then InnerLight Pictures may be the solution for you.

As a graduate assistant at one of the elite soccer clubs in America, working with coaches such as Brian Maisonneuve, Ken Lolla, and BJ Craig, as well as several now professional players across the globe - Caleb learned very quickly how to motivate and drive players performance through video presentations.  Alongside his work at the editing desk, he also viewed and reviewed countless demo reels for potential players auditioning for the university's eye.

If you're looking to recruit, spread the word, or drive traffic to your site - then perhaps an energy packed highlight video or informative presentation is just the way to go.

InnerLight Pictures is here to help, give us a call.

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